What does it mean to be spiritual?



There was a time, I admit it openly, when I actually believed being spiritual meant I had to  be calm and peaceful and relaxed, no matter what. I actually believed that if I yelled, or  felt angry-irritated- upset- rejected ( put in your own word) I was not being authentic to the work I was teaching. I actually thought to be really spiritual I would have to be, well, a bloody saint!!

And then I heard  and read that some saints had short tempers, demanded the highest standards and even walked away for those whose life choices that were not in alignment with theirs. I felt the call to allow my feeling to be. I surrendered to a guidance beyond my own intellect. How wonderful to let go and let be and let God.

I realised, from the world of hard knocks, that when we allow ourselves to feel our emotions, when we choose to jump and stamp our feet, and pound a pillow or two, and cry till there are no more tears,that we can still be divine gorgeous spiritual being of light. And as we allow our emotions  and feel our feelings, as long as we hurt no one, it becomes an expression of the genuine love we have for ourselves.  The love for our human experience in its absolute perfection. And as long as there is not a modicum of self criticism and judgement we are being authentic.

What does being spiritual mean to you? If you let go of all the should’s and must’s and have tos and oughts, what does being spiritual mean to you?


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  1. How wonderfully you express yourselfs Sharon, “to surrender to a guidance beyond our own intellect.” When people learn to do this, they will have accessed their true power.

    With love and lightheartedness


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